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We are always ready to welcome you and to take care of our health.
Clínica Hispana Plaza del Sol brings you the confidence and assuredness
of our medical services and patient care quality for you and your family.

Diagnosis & Treatment
When you need a doctor to verify your health condition,, you can be confident that we will give you a personalized service through a complete examination and a proper treatment.


Our ultrasound services offers you a complete view of your internal body, we have the latest equipment to be sure of the overall condition of your vital organs, muscles and bones.


In order to get information about the health of your body, we perform accurate clinical tests for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.


Other services
You can count on our cardiac life support services as well as with our therapy for other medical conditions that can let us stabilize your vital signs.




Diagnosis & Treatment. Because your health matters.
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  The doctor will see you immediately
Our medical team is highly qualified and trained to give you an excellent diagnosis service:

• General Checkup • Family Planning
• Physical Exams • Papanicolaou
• Minor Injuries • Pregnancy Test
• Lab • Prostate Examination
• High Pressure Stabilization • Impotence Problems
• Diabetes Stabilization • Nail Removal
• Cholesterol Stabilization • Ear Cleaning
• TrigyiceridesStabilization • Anemia Treatment
• Seam of Wounds • Allergy Treatment
Ultrasound. Revealing the problem.
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Making visible how your body is doing.
We offer the following services:

• Echocardiogram • Limited Abdominal
• Full Abdominal • Kidney
• Thyroid • Prostate
• Breasts • Pelvic
• Transvaginal • Pregnancy
• Carotid Artery • Soft Areas
• Vascular (Veins and Arteries)  
Lab. The body in numbers.
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Certified by CLIA.
We can perform on site testing of:

• Cardiac Enzyme Analysis  
• Complete Blood Cell Counts  
• Complete Metabolic Profiles  
• Pregnancy Tests  
• Urinalysis  
• Liver Panel  
• Strep Screen  
• Stomach Infections(H Pyllori)  
• Excrement Examination  
• TuberculosisTests  
Other services. We have you covered.
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  When minutes and even seconds count.
Our advanced life support systems are ready to assist you in situations like:

Heart Chekup
Wart Dryness
Abscess Drainage
Drug Screen
Sexual Transmitted Disease Exams
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