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We offer Special Medical Care to
Adults and Children
in the Houston and Katy Area.

A comfortable, elegant and calm health care environment awaits both you and your companions.
A prompt examination and treatment will be provided by our experienced physicians and registered nurses.
An immediate testing and diagnosis are available in our Ultrasound and Laboratory departments.
Your disposition will be an examination, treatment and discharge home, or a a referral to another hospital if neccesaryl.
All of our resources are directed for the sole purpose of providing quality emergency health care for you.
Cuarto de Examinación
  Fully equipped Exam Room.
Complete with the latest medical equipment for a complete examination for our patients:

• Temperature reading • Abdominal Pain Evaluation
• Blood pressure • Early Pregnancy
• Oxygen  
• School Physical Exams  
• Pelvic Exams  
• Laceration Repair  
• Incision & Drainage  
• Splinting  
• Subskin Implant Removal
Cuarto de Tratamiento al Paciente
Our rooms are made for your prompt recovery.
In a relaxed environment, we treat:

• Dehydration  
• Nausea & Vomiting Evaluation  
• Pain Control  
• Accute Coronary Syndrome  
• Kidney & Vesicular Stones  
• Alcohol Intoxication  
Cuarto de Tratamiento Pediátrico
  Kids will love our special room for them.
Filled with princesses and super heroes, they will recover from:

• Asthma  
• Upper Respiratory Infections  
• Tummy Aches  
• Sore Throat  
• Rashes  
• Lacerations  
• Foreign Body Removal  
Area de Recepción y Cafetería
For the comfort of our guests and family members, a lobby area are available for your well-being.
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